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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Spiders Die

There are stone walls covering the sky, they run down to the floor. Tiles criss-cross the land, It’s a barren land. Only the strongest spiders survive here. Food is scarce . The spider is always waiting. A whole wall opens and a human appears. Great white beast it is. It eats in bites, terrorizing victims maliciously. The beast summons the rain inside of the stone cave. It falls, crashing against its ugly white body. The monster enjoys getting wet. All the spiders feel ill at the sight. Danger is coming for the spider in the corner. Mist fills his view. He is confused, disorientated. He wonders around. Spiders don’t like getting wet. The human has seen him. It covers its chest and opens a big pink mouth. Teeth the size of whole spiders bare. Thankfully the spider in the corner doesn’t here its shriek. The humans power moves the rain. Drops of water start raining against the stone wall. Up, up, up. They feel like giant stones that suck the agility out of you. Spider falls, carried by the rain. He tries to move. His legs are heavy. Spider is panicking. He falls to the white floor. It’s happening. The monster brings its foot up. Step. Smoosh. The spider in the corner didn’t see it coming. Its black lifeless body flows easily with the water. Down the black hole. Forgotten and Dead.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First Poem

i wonder through the docks at night
i search for clarity here
its where i get my thinking done
its where i go to repair
i haven't felt company recently
and often feel alone
but when i look up at the stars at night
i know
i see
my throne